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TPS Buffalo Trace Experimental Wheat On Rye

This experiment grew out of a wish to explore the soft textures of wheated Bourbon. Wheated Bourbons can pick up a unique wood spice note from the new charred oak barrel they are aged in, but they lack the specific spiciness of the rye small grains found in most Bourbons. What would a wheated taste like with the spice from rye? How could we accomplish that? Wheat On Rye is the answer, a sandwich of fabulous whiskey between two hardworking barrels.

Price: $59.99



Wheat On Rye Tasting Note

This could have been named "Wheat To Rye," such is the progression of flavor and character from rich and supple wheated Bourbon to the remarkable influence of a rye barrel in the finish. After a big nose of corn earth, nougat, mint, wood spice, coffee, confection, the palate enters rich, chewy and off-dry. The shift from soft wheated Bourbon to toothsome rye is inexorable, and impressively seamless; the concluding rye spice seems totally integrated, yet also profound in intensity. Also, it is great fun to, ahem, experiment with water in this unfiltered whiskey; more water emphasizes the wheaty soft entry, while a stronger dram pulls more rye.

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