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Four Roses Barrel Strength

Author: Jay Erisman

Posted: May-27-2016

We are pleased to announce The Party Source is launching a major new Bourbon project in conjunction with Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Introducing Four Roses Barrel Strength, the first ever private release of a barrel proof, un-chill-filtered Bourbon from this great distillery.

As you likely know, Four Roses produces ten different Bourbons off their stills. To accomplish this, they using two grain bills--OE, at 20% rye, and OB at 35% rye--and five yeasts--K, F, O, Q, and V. After maturation in their unique single-story warehouses, these ten recipes yield a wide range of flavor, which Four Roses usually vats together to produce their various Bourbons. Now, for the first time, you can taste these Bourbons in single barrel format, straight from the barrel, exploring the flavor of one yeast strain at a time using both grain bills. Eventually, we will offer all ten whiskeys. Look for another release later this fall.


Our first release features two barrels, one from each grain bill, using the "K" yeast. OESK is 60.1% alc. and nine years eight months old; the flavor is almost comically round and ripe. OBSK is 56.6%, ten years and one month, and rather more traditional in flavor, still very Four Roses but also drier, with more oak and corn, and the full wallop of 35% rye. The price of $49.99 each falls squarely between the regular Four Roses Single Barrel and the annual limited editions. Happily, our Four Roses Project is not limited. There's more Bourbon to come...eight, to be exact.

Let me hip you to one more neat-o thing about these K yeast whiskeys. There are several Four Roses exclusive to the Japanese market. One of these is Black Label, 80 proof and composed of equal parts OESK and OBSK. I've tried it at the distillery tasting lab, and it's quite nice for 80 proof, firmer and more toothsome than the Yellow Label. Well, if you pour equal amounts of these Party Source Barrel Proof bottlings and you'll have Black Label--but better than it ever was, uncut, unfiltered, and not, I assure you, exported to Japan.

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