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I Like Beer! ..... What Now?

Author: Damian Morano

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting your beer awareness, knowledge and expertise, the following syllabus and related links provide you with a comprehensive guide (to date) to the delightful nectar known as beer and the beer drinking experience. The guide is segmented using the broad categories of Beer Basics and Beer Appreciation.

While we are familiar with several resources to which we would feel comfortable directing you, we believe that Beer Advocate best supports and enhances the information we wish to provide for your better understanding and engagement of the wonderful world of beer. Furthermore, their passion and commitment most closely resemble that of The Party Source, as well as our core mission – to be The Source of solutions for our customers’ good living.

Note: This guide, and the links provided, is intended for informational and educational purposes only. The Party Source does not explicitly or implicitly endorse any products, reviews, opinions or content provided by third-party links. The Party Source is not responsible for the views, opinions, language or accuracy and quality of content provided by third-party links.

Beer Basics

Beer Styles

Definitions, Descriptions & Examples

Alcohol by Volume

Brand Reviews & Recommendations

Glassware Recommendations

Cellaring Temperatures

Serving Temperatures

Beer & Brewing Terminology

Hop Guide

Hop Types

Hop Descriptions

Hop Facts

Malt Guide

Malt Types

Malt Descriptions

Malt Facts

Yeast Guide

Yeast Types

Yeast Descriptions

Yeast Facts

Beer Education

Comprehensive Beer Basics

Beer Style Articles

Beer Advocacy

Beer & Food

Beer History


Beer Appreciation

How to Review Beer

Beer Glassware

Glassware Types

Glassware Descriptions & Uses

Glassware Handling Tips

How to Pour Beer

How to Taste Beer

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Thu. 06/02/2016

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Thu. 06/09/2016

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Thu. 06/23/2016

Burgers and Beers: Jackie Os

Wed. 06/29/2016

University of Beer: Sours




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