FOUR ROSES OBSQ Barrel Strength

As you likely know, Four Roses produces ten different Bourbons off their stills. To accomplish this, they use two grain bills—OE, at 20% rye, and OB at 35% rye—and five yeasts—K, F, O, Q, and V. After maturation in their unique single-story warehouses, these ten recipes yield a wide range of flavor, which Four Roses usually vats together to produce their various Bourbons. Now, for the first time, you can taste these Bourbons in single barrel format, straight from the barrel, exploring the flavor of one yeast strain at a time using both grain bills. Eventually, we will offer all ten whiskeys. Check back for future releases.

This OESQ features the 35% rye grain bill fermented with Q yeast.Q yeast whiskey is one of the most unusual of all Bourbons, with a heavy floral character often likened to acacia trees. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

This particular barrel also highlights an unusual fact about Four Roses. With their lower barrel entry proof of 120º (against the industry standard of 125º), and especially their low, single story warehoues that dont' get as hot as other whiskey warehouses, Four Roses whiskey often has a lower proof in the barrel than others. It is not uncommon to find full barrel strengths at 108-112º proof. This tasty dram came out of the wood at a pure, uncut 98.2...and we bottled it that way, because we liked it.

With our Barrel Strength Four Roses, you can pretend you're a master distiller and make your own vattings. An off-the-cuff vatting of 2:2:1:1 OESK/OBSK/OESO/OBSO yields a complex glass of interleaved rye spice and O yeast fruit tones. It is modestly off-dry, and could use maybe more OESK for a touch more sweetness. This could be a typical Four Roses-style vatting, with K yeast contributing classic Bourbon flavors and O yeast adding complex and unique colors.

Distillery: Four Roses Distillery

Style: Bourbon

Proof: 98.2º

Aged: Eight years and two months

Size: 750 ml


Jay's Tasting Notes

Q yeast from Four Roses has got to be the most distinctive Bourbon in Kentucky. The waxy, weighty floral-butter tones are not to be found elsewhere. This supple barrel of OBSQ balances fresh oak stave and spicy rye amid the acacia-like flower element. It is bottled in all its natural glory at a pure, unfiltered 98.2º proof. And, despite the quite low barrel proof, I liked this unchill-filtered whiskey best with a splash of water.





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